Inline Valves, Bypass Valves, Venturis & Compensators

Inline Valves, Bypass Valves, Venturis & Compensators

Inline and Pump Bypass Control Valves
Our range of 3 inch and 4 inch Inline and Pump Bypass Control Valves utilise a direct operating design concept with a control module being added to the basic valve. This control module provides finer control and eliminates exterior tubing from the valve. Adjustment is simple because no complex servos are involved and the bleed point is located on the control block which allows air to be bled from the valve very easily. The control modules used on equivalent 3 inch and 4 inch valves are identical, and most of the seals in the main body of the 3 and 4 inch valves are identical. This maximises spare parts commonality and minimises the spare parts required for maintenance.

Standard end connections are ANSI 150lb flanges but Victaulic adapters are also available.  Both the inline and pump bypass variants are available with air reference pressure control or electrical solenoid control, and versions are available which can be used with digital pressure control systems.

Venturis and Compensators
The 4" Pressure Loss Compensator is uniquely designed with features not available in other compensators or venturis. Simplicity of operation, low pressure loss, wide compensation pressure range and compact design make the 60559 Pressure Loss Compensator ideally suited for all refuelling vehicle applications. The range of traditional venturis includes 3 inch, 4 inch, 4 inch x3 inch and 6 inch sizes. All venturis are available with either Victaulic or TTMA flanged ends and an optional pitot tube.